Portrait of Peder Mandrup Tuxen (1783-1838)

Portrait of Peder Mandrup Tuxen (1783-1838), artist unknown. Oil on canvas, 62.5 x 52 cm. Private collection.

The notorious Peder Mandrup Tuxen was the progenitor of most of the Tuxen family living today. He was a naval officer, ending with the rank of commander/captain. He participated in the wars against England and was decorated with the Danish order of the flag Dannebrog for a battle in which he put an English frigate to flight with only a few cannon boats. On the portrait he is wearing the uniform of a lieutenant and as the epaulets on this uniform were not used after 1812, the painting can be dated appr. 1809-12. My thanks to Knut Erik Strøm for information about the uniform details.

Peder Mandrup Tuxen married in 1810 with Elisabeth Marie Simonsen (1786-1867) of whom there is a portrait of the same size and framing. Peder Mandrup Tuxen was often portrayed. See also the pictures P3 and P4.

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