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I am selling copies of the English version of the Hugo Larsen booklet published in 2006 by Øregaard Museum in connection with the Hugo Larsen exhibition.

I am not making a business out of this. In fact, I have purchased the copies from the museum at full price. I am reselling these copies at the same price with the sole purpose of disseminating knowledge about Hugo Larsen.

I have a private account at PayPal allowing me to receive money from your PayPal account or from a bank card which you attach to your PayPal account. Unfortunately, my private PayPal account usually does not allow me to accept payments funded by a credit/debit card. If I were to accept credit card payments, I would have to 'upgrade' my account, thereby accepting a fee (currently 4.4% + 0.35 EUR) on all future payments, not only on credit/debit card payments.

So my problem is not your payment. I would be more than willing to take the cost in your case. The problem is that I would be locked into paying a fee on all future payments. Recently, PayPal has changed its policy slightly, allowing private accounts to receive up to five credit/debit card payments a year - of course at a fee of appr. 6.9%. As long as I have any of these "grants" left, I will accept your payment in spite of the fee. But if at all possible, please help me by advancing funds to your account before ordering the book. You will not help me personally, but you will support dissemination of knowledge about Hugo Larsen.

I hope for your understanding on this issue. Unfortunately, PayPal does not prevent you from - or even warn you from - paying with your credit card, even in situations where I am not able to receive your money. If you happen to have ordered books from me via PayPal funded by a credit card, I may have to refuse your payment if I am out of PayPal's socalled "grants". I am very sorry for this and I apologize for any inconvenience.

If you want to use an alternative payment method, please fill in and send the form below with your preference. It will be sent to me as an ordinary email and I promise to be back to you as soon as possible.

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