Comment Forms

Missing HTTP Referer Field

The script I am using for my comment forms has a number of security settings to prevent misuse by spammers. I can see in my log file that my web site is often scanned by 'spambots' for mailforms that are open to relaying of spam. One of the countermeasures I am taking is that the mailform needs to be invoked from one of my own pages. This check is done through the HTTP Referer header which a browser wil normally send when a page is invoked.

You have been refered to this page because I did not receive any HTTP Referer header from your browser. This may be caused by one of several reasons:

You probably have very good reasons for your security measures, as I have for mine. But it seems that they are conflicting. I suggest that you send me a regular e-mail instead. Please see contact information in the right corner of the footer of this page.