Hugo Larsen: Justus Valdemar Ulrich, 1915

Hugo Larsen: Justus Valdemar Ulrich (1876-1949), 1915, oil on canvas, 45 x 53 cm. Private collection.

Justus Ulrich and Hugo Larsen became friends in the Danish West Indies where Ulrich managed a plantation on St. Croix while Larsen worked as a painter in the islands. Later when Ulrich had become an estate owner in southern Zealand, he invited Larsen for christmas. This event, apart from reviving the friendship, marked the beginning of a long period where Larsen visited a large number of estates and manor houses all over Denmark. This proper portrait along with a couple of portraits of Justus Ulrich mounted and a pastel of the gate to Ravnstrup can be said to mark the entry to Larsen's "manor years".

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